Monday, September 5, 2011

Studio Apartment / Bedsitter Storage

A studio apartment also known as a bedsitter has its upside and downside.  One of the upsides is definitely the fact that you have less space to clean!  However, a major downside of living in such a small space is that storage becomes an issue.  Seeing us everything is done in the same room, it can be a challenge to figure out where to put all your stuff.  Have no fear however; there are indeed great storage solutions for your bedsitter or studio apartment!

In our article titled Sprucing up your Bedsitter, we talked about the need to remove clutter.  Weeding out all unnecessary stuff is the first step to getting your mess sorted.  One of the best things you can do to get your clutter in order is to find ways to store it within other things.  That means that your furniture should be designed with hollow storage space.  Storage space can be created by using beds with inconspicuous drawers, decorative baskets that can be used to store various things in, wicker chests and shelves. 

Basically, you can create storage space in your seats, tables and more.  The idea is to try and use inexpensive yet aesthetically pleasing things. Another great idea is to use your suitcases to store the things you do not use often such as your Christmas decorations.  Large baskets can serve as a place to store your dry goods or canned foods.  They can also be used to store art supplies, extra beddings and more.  A great idea is to use a book shelf as a divider to separate your sleeping area from your living area and use the shelf space for storage.  Bedsitter/studio apartment storage need not be too much of a hassle and you can have a clutter free home!


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