Thursday, August 18, 2011

Choosing the Length of Curtains and Drapes

The length of your curtains and drapes is another consideration to take in when selecting the kind or window treatments to put in place.  They can either be long or short.  Basically, more formal, dressy or dignified looks are achieved using long curtains and drapes, while a more relaxed and casual look is achieved by using shorter ones. 

Here are some considerations for you:
  • If you are going for a romantic feel, then the curtains and drapes you choose should be extra long such that they pool on the floor.
  • If you want a more formal room then the curtains should barely touch the floor. 
  • If the room is a casual one such as a den or family room you should used floor length curtains to give the room dignity and  touch of elegance
  • For the kitchen, curtains and drapes should get either to the bottom of the window trim or to the window seal.

There are tricks you can used to make your windows look good even when your windows are not very well designed.  Curtains and drapes can be used in interior décor to hide certain flaws.  If your windows are extra long you need to create a distraction by adding a louvered shutter in a bold color that contrasts the curtains.  If the windows are too narrow, then you can extend your curtain rods past the window and hang your curtains in such a way that they leave as much of the window showing as possible.  Windows that are very short can be treated by hanging your curtain rod just below the ceiling molding and ensuring that you hang floor length curtains and drapes.  If the window is very wide, break it up by hanging several panels across it.

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