Friday, August 19, 2011

Kids Curtains and Drapes

Kid’s curtains and drapes should be selected based on the personality of the child.  They can be used as a fun interior décor tool for your child’s room.  The child’s room should be decorated and designed specifically for the occupant.  The furniture, floor rugs and yes, curtains and drapes should be specifically designed for the kid’s room.  The room should have a fun, merry atmosphere.  Great themes include cartoon characters or animals.  Select material that is easy to clean and consider allergies that the child may have.  Cotton is one of the best fabrics to use in a kids room as it cleans easily. 

Carefully select the pattern based on the child’s personality.  Kid’s curtains and drapes should allow light into the room as it is important for children to have much light in the room.  For naptime, consider having a shade underneath that you can pull down to darken the room.  Generally, long curtains and drapes should be avoided as kids tend to grab them and pull.  Take shorter curtains into consideration.  Be sure to avoid curtains that have decorative beading.  This will only be pulled out and possibly thrown into their mouths which can put your kids at risk of chocking if they are less than 3 years of age.

Remember that kids are drawn to vibrant colors and take the sex of your child into consideration.  While girls may want their rooms decorated with flower themes and Disney princesses, a boy may want a room reflecting his favorite super hero, or patterns of cars and sports themes.  When selecting kids curtains and drapes don’t make them a smaller version of your own tastes but let the child’s interests come through. 

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