Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wall Hangings in Décor

For centuries now wall hangings and tapestries have been used in home interior décor to a add a certain depth that both paint and wall paper cannot achieve on their own.  Most wall hanging tapestries and other wall hanging art come with unique designs and a rich color palette that can be used to add drama to the room as well as create a focal point.  Wall hangings can be found in every culture with some of the very best coming from Asia and Africa.  Here in Kenya, our own Maasai Market has a wealth of local batiks, masks and other items that can be used to decorate our walls.

Wall art can include works of fine art, wall candle holders, clocks and other items that can make your house both unique and classy.  You need to select wall hangings based on your décor theme, your décor color scheme as well as your individual taste.  Remember that all wall hangings should be at eye level in order to draw and keep the attention of the person looking at them.

Most Kenyan’s only have wall hangings in the living room.  However, they should be spread out throughout your house, in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms too.  A great portrait or unique painting can add much aesthetic value to a room.  If you are interested in a royal look them a work of feminine or floral art will do the trick.  For those drawn to color then a work of abstract art will be an excellent addition to the room.  Make sure that the frame you select for your art matches the art itself.

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