Saturday, October 29, 2011

Going Green: Tree Preservation

With the World’s population set to hit the 7 Billion mark on Monday, 31st October 2011, it is no doubt that our cities and suburbs will continue to expand.  Wooded lands and forests are being continually turned into residential and commercial sites.  Many of these buildings are being constructed in the midst of trees in order to take advantage of the aesthetic value of nature. 

However, the various processes that are involved in construction can be quite deadly to trees within the vicinity.  When constructing your home or a commercial building in a wooded area it is beneficial to include an arborist in the planning stages who can tell you which trees can be saved in order to protect as many of them as possible.  Tree preservation orders may also be put in place which would state that no tree in the area can be lopped or topped, ring barked, removed, injured or cut down.

Trees have many benefits which include erosion control, absorption of air pollutants, reduction of global warming, preservation of wildlife habitats, aesthetic value, minimization of rainwater runoff and the conservation of energy around buildings.  It is therefore in the interest of each one of us to preserve trees.

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