Monday, October 31, 2011

Going Green: Alternatives to Wooden Floors

Hardwood flooring has its advantages.  It is great looking, reliable and most definitely long lasting.  However, with the global weather patterns in such upheaval it is to the world’s best interest to work with alternatives to solid wood flooring.  The idea is to keep the visual appeal of wood without actually cutting down trees.  It is also great to know that the alternatives are more pocket friendly as well. 

Here are some of these alternatives:

Laminate flooring – This is a great alternative and is almost indistinguishable from solid hardwood.  It is possible to float laminate flooring so that you do not need to use nails to fasten your floor. 

Engineered hardwood flooring – These floors have a base made from high density fiber board and only use real wood as a veneer layer.  This means that you use less of the hardwood allowing for tree conservation.

Bamboo Flooring – Bamboo is a great, eco-friendly solution when it comes to flooring.  Even though it is absolutely fantastic, there are those who do not like the knuckle-pattern that is so… well… bamboo!

Vinyl Planks or Tiles – These are available in a wood grain pattern and where need be even the texture can be incorporated so that they look and feel like real wood.  They can be laid over almost every surface which makes an added advantage.


  1. I had laminate and hardwood floor. i personally prefer laminate coz its brighter and also does not get dents from wearing heel...unless i have a lower grade hardwood floor. By the way the first pic, what kind of floor is that??

  2. Wood flooring is the best option for a home decoration. It looks really great.
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