Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Curtain and Drape Tie Backs and Rods for Interior Décor

The curtains and drapes you select for your living room will depend on the design style you have selected.  If you living room design is formal, then the best kind of drapes are the pleated kind, swag style curtains or pocket rod curtains.  You will also need to consider the kind of rods that will hold them up as well as the tie backs you will use.  A formal living room may call for ornate rods and other accessories that will accentuate the style of the room be it formal or traditional.

Today, most living rooms have become more casual and contemporary as such one can use wooden rods and metal poles that are decorative to hang their curtains and drapes.  One of the major mistakes made is the mixing of woods and metals.  If your rod is wooden, then let the hooks be wooden too.  The same applies to metal rods.  When decorating with curtains and drapes you should consider decorative tie backs also known as hold backs.  These are used to keep your curtains in place.  However, you can use ribbon, belts, wreaths and chains as well to hold back your curtains for a more authentic feel.

The tie backs need to complement the overall design of the room and the colors can pick from some other color used in the room.  The best idea is to match your tie backs to a color that is brighter or more prominent allowing them to stand out.  In Kenyan interior décor, curtains and drapes usually have a sheer panel behind the curtain which is a great idea.  An idea to consider is to have the curtain remain open and only open and close the sheer panel.  Either way, be sure that the sheer panel used matches the décor in the room as well as the curtains and drapes you have in place.

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