Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sprucing Up Your Bedsitter

I often meet people who tell me that when they move to a larger apartment they will spruce up their home.  The excuse is that they are living in a bedsitter or a one room apartment and as such have ‘nothing’ to decorate.  That is one lame excuse if I ever heard one!  It doesn’t matter how large or small your space is.  It’s your space!!  You have the right to live in a comfortable, aesthetically appealing home.  This article discusses great interior design ideas for your bedsitter.

To begin with, you need to clear all the clutter by creating storage.  Find furnishings that can serve 2 purposes.  These will include coffee tables, ottomans and chairs that can also have storage space in them.  You can use these to store extra blankets, old magazines, extra pillows and more.  Basically, the more space you have the better.  With the clutter out of the way create a focus point in your one room apartment.  This can be done by painting one wall a different color and then against that wall having your entertainment center.  To give the room a larger feel, use mirrors.  An arrangement of small mirrors and one large one will do a great job of creating a larger, more airy feel with lots of light. Another great trick for making the room feel larger is to use tables with glass tops.

The basic idea is to let in lots of light so that the room does not feel crowded and dark.  Be sure that nothing is blocking your windows and instead of heavy curtains use sheers instead to allow light in.  Separate various areas for the various activities you will be carrying out. Let the bed and dresser be together creating a sleeping space, and have a sofa on another side with the coffee table to create a sitting space.  The best thing to do is have one long sofa, preferably a 3 sitter by itself.  If you have extra space you can add one accent chair.  A sofa bed is a great idea if the apartment is extremely small.  If the room is large enough you can use dividers to separate rooms.  This can be a shelf or even tasteful drapes.  Have matching cushions, floor rugs, or throws to tie the different areas together for a great feel.

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