Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Organizing a Small Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen you need to focus on functionality along with aesthetic value.  Meal preparation is the main function of the kitchen and you should ensure that you have the appliances that you need to make your work easier.  Additionally, you should create sufficient space for your work in the kitchen.  These two interior design aspects must be keenly considered when designing a small kitchen.  To make a small kitchen both attractive and functional you need to consider color scheme and size of appliances.

To begin with, forget large appliances and begin to scale down on size.  This may mean getting a small microwave, a stove with 2 burners as opposed to 4, as well as a single sink.  Additionally, instead of closed cabinets, work with shelves which will give the kitchen a feeling of being open and therefore larger.  As a means of making an otherwise small kitchen look bigger, use glass on cabinet doors to enhance the feeling of having space.  Use light to expand the room as well.  Natural light during the day is excellent.  However, at night combine fluorescent lighting with incandescent lighting to make the room bright and open.

Color is a great way to make a small kitchen look larger than it really is.  The colors you use can be used to change the atmosphere of the kitchen as well.  Light colors or pastels combined with white are great for reflecting light and cause the eyes to be drawn up making the room look much taller than it is.  However, one can add spice to a small kitchen with some bold colors as well that can be incorporated on the cabinetry, walls or counter tops.  Either way, interior décor for the small kitchen can only be hindered by one’s imagination.  
This article was first written by Pamba Boma for Harusi Magazine!

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