Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Organizing a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom can be an interior décor nightmare if you do not have a few tricks up your sleeve.  Most houses, especially rental units, tend to have small bathrooms that in most cases are shared by multiple family members.  Most bathrooms come with a toilet, shower stall and a sink with no cabinet space.  However, this does not mean that there is no hope for you.  There are quite a few things you can do to organize your space and make it fun and livable.

Start by getting rid of all the unnecessary things you have in the bathroom.  Keep only what must be stored there.  Next, invest in some utility caddies that can be tucked away under the sink or that you can keep in the bedroom and bring into the bathroom when you need to use them.  Be sure to make good use of your wall space.  Install shelves that can be used to hold towels and cleaning supplies.  You can also use caddies that hang from the shower to hold shower gel, bath scrubs and other related items. Over the toilet tank you can add a toilet paper holder, or put a hook behind the door for the same purpose. 

Your small bathroom will look beautiful with matching items that will pull together the overall look.  Additionally, you can find accessories that also serve a purpose therefore providing beauty and functionality in one package.  Get hooks that look good and put them in creative places where you can hang items such as a hand towel.  Another great bit of advice is to shop in the office section for bathroom items.  You can easily convert a pencil holder into a Q-tip holder or some other item.  All in all, avoid clutter and throw away any empty bottles that may not be in use.
This article was first written by Pamba Boma for Harusi Magazine!

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