Monday, September 19, 2011

Creating a Small Balcony Garden

Most people who want a garden don’t really have the space.  However, that should not stop anyone from enjoying a beautiful balcony garden and by so doing, create a therapeutic space where they can relax and reflect.  Flowering shrubs are the best for such a garden as they do not grow too tall and are attractive to look at.  The best way to plant flowers on the balcony is in large pots and containers that also add aesthetic value to the overall décor of the home.

When choosing plants to plant in your small balcony garden take note of how much sunlight comes into the balcony.  If you have much sunlight, you may want to plant sun loving plants such as cacti.  However, if your balcony gets more shade than sun, be sure to choose plants that do not need much sun.  Potted Palms are excellent for creating an oasis of peace on the balcony.  Place River rocks around the different pots and containers you choose to create a more natural look.  It may be advisable to use both large and small pots to create variety.

When planting your garden, be sure to use soil that the plants will thrive in and ensure that the containers have drainage holes as well.  Maintaining the small balcony garden you desire will mean watering the plants on a daily basis and weeding them.  Find out what fertilizer you may need to use as well as pesticides if any.  Create a focal point in your garden as well.  This could be a large plant surrounded by smaller plants.  You may also be able to put in a small fountain as a centre piece.  Basically, you want to consider the space, making sure not to get plants that spread out too much are grow too tall.

This article was first written by Pamba Boma for Harusi Magazine!

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